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Project Corvo

2014-08-31 22:20:39 by gustavolesmo

hi people.

i want to know if you guys have  any tips to give me about my newest drawing...

like, if i keep the cape, or seek a look more original from the character or what to put in the top or what to do with the left side of the city and that kindda of stuff. thanks.
please, comment what you think, i will be very grateful

pt. 1:

pt. 2:



it's finally done!!11!eleven!!1!



New projects

2014-07-24 16:59:08 by gustavolesmo

i dont know if anyone gives a fuck but i'm workin in some "arts" ( if these things can be called like that )  so probably in two or three days i'll post some cool drawings i've made ;3