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Entry #2

Project Corvo

2014-08-31 22:20:39 by gustavolesmo

hi people.

i want to know if you guys have  any tips to give me about my newest drawing...

like, if i keep the cape, or seek a look more original from the character or what to put in the top or what to do with the left side of the city and that kindda of stuff. thanks.
please, comment what you think, i will be very grateful

pt. 1:

pt. 2:



it's finally done!!11!eleven!!1!




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2014-09-02 02:59:01

Well the character with the cape is fine as it is.
As for the sky Dishonored is a very dark game that happens mostly at night, and the fact that it is on the industrial era means that there is a lot of smoke and dark clouds, making the places ever darker.

At the left side you could put one of the bigger structures that appear in the game, like the bridge, the castle, the correctional office, the whalers factory, or Sokolov's lab house, which i remember was quite tall.
However you could also put an illusion to a character in the background, an antagonist or an ally, etc.

gustavolesmo responds:

i really liked the idea for the sky
but i think that is not possible to me to make those buildings because i'm not that good in architecture (probably you already noticed) that kind of structure is too complicated and, i think, that will ruin the "design" of the city, like, i'm not capable of making these structures and make the city looks like "corridors" and that effect of distant. i already tested that but was not too effective.
i was thinking of making the left side of the city with some buildings destroyed like the good ending and the bad ending, you know?
but i liked the idea of making it more industrial and i'll try to make that
thanks a lot for that help, i'll do my best :D


2014-09-02 02:59:33

allusion* not illusion.


2014-09-02 20:49:54

Yeah you could put some floating pieces of earth like the ones that appear on the dream world that you visit each time that The Outsider contacts you, that would be nice.

gustavolesmo responds:

i was thinking about that, like when he visits the void
maybe it'll be cool, hard, but cool
thanks for the tip :)